Show the style of an industry champion! Shenyang Jietong shocked the appearance of China International Fire Exhibition!


72m climb, JP63/40 arms, new main battle JP25
PW1.5 super high-rise spray, AP50 city main battle
Shenyang Jietong, elite gathered
For the first time, it joined forces with CIMC's Sichuan Consumer, Ziegler, Golden Shield and other brother enterprises!
Together constitute the CIMC fire booth, the strength ignites the China International Fire Exhibition site!



As a member of CIMC Tianda, a new leading enterprise in the global fire equipment manufacturing, Shenyang Jietong has always been guided by the national and market demand, and has demonstrated to the world the strength and ambition of Shenyang Jietong its high-end manufacturing technology and become a part of the world champion-level enterprise.



Advantages | Focus on its own advantages, and empower new capabilities with core products


For different rescue needs, DG72, DG70, DG63, DG54, DG42, DG32 and other products as the representative of the performance of the National VI series ascending fire truck has been comprehensively improved, with the industry's first technical advantages and independent research and development of superior electronic control system, its high-altitude stability far exceeds the national standard, high-altitude shaking is only 20cm, greatly improving the safety and reliability of high-altitude rescue.



With the development of the economy, the frequency of industrial fires in China has increased significantly. In response to the needs of petrochemical and other large-scale industrial fire rescue, relying on the company's core technology advantages, Shenyang Jietong designs and develops JP75, JP60, JP40, JP32, JP18, JPS63/40 and other series of raised jet fire trucks.



It is reported that JPS63/40 double-arm multi-function lifting jet fire truck is a dual-arm lifting jet fire truck with unique patented technology, using double telescopic arm + side folding arm combined boom structure, improving the vertical ability of the lifting jet fire truck to cross obstacles, can realize two booms spraying water at the same time, can control the position of the two booms and the rotation angle of the gun head respectively, suitable for fire fighting of large buildings such as petroleum, chemical industry, oil tanks, warehouses, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, etc., with the unique technical advantages of double-arm fire extinguishing, Standing out in the fire.



As an industry leader in lifting fire trucks for many years, Jetcom actively lays out the emergency rescue industry, focusing on improving the performance of vehicle informatization, intelligent control, operation comfort, action flexibility and site adaptability, and enhancing the actual combat applicability of vehicles. 


Trend | Focus on industry trends and deeply cultivate new fields of fire protection


The special chassis fire truck of Jitong once again refreshed the audience's eyeballs.



Occupying the C position in the exhibition area, AP50 super high-rise city main battle fire truck, JY160 multi-functional rescue rescue vehicle, PW1.5 super high-rise spray fire truck and a series of specially developed special chassis emergency rescue equipment independently developed with American technology as a reference and domestic fire insurance demand upgrade, once unveiled, it has been warmly sought after by customers all over the country with its superior combat performance.



At the beginning of the '14th Five-Year Plan', as an important part of CIMC's fire protection sector to build a world champion, Shenyang Jietong will take the development and strengthening of China's fire rescue industry as its own responsibility and continue to cultivate. Focus on strengthening the lightweight, intelligent and modular research of equipment, write the "new answer sheet" for the high-quality development of the fire rescue industry with scientific and technological innovation, and protect the better world with excellent emergency rescue equipment.