CIMC Shenyang Jietong 72 meters high fire truck


Shenyang Jietong was founded in 1974, specializing in the research and development of fire fighting equipment for more than 40 years, is the "originator" of China's lifting vehicle field, after joining CIMC Group, more attention to the craftsmanship and quality of vehicles, has provided nearly 5,000 lifting and high-end fire trucks in 11 countries around the world. Recently, its firefighting equipment family has added another fierce general - Shenyang Jietong DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck. The 72-meter raised fire truck directly reaches the 20+ floors of rescue, shaking no more than 20CM, safety, stability is much higher than international standards.
We know that since 2018, China's national comprehensive fire rescue team has uniformed the uniform of "flame blue" and is affectionately called our "blue friend" by netizens.
Whether it is a raging sea of fire or a monstrous flood, wherever there is danger, there is their presence. However, even the best warriors need to take advantage of the equipment to maximize their value and better protect themselves.
Since joining CIMC Tianda, Shenyang Jietong has been committed to creating their own "rescue artifact" for global fire rescue teams, equipped with "CIMC (ultimate) equipment", so that "blue friends" can be powerful and safe.


DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck lifting height up to 72 meters, which is the domestic and international advanced level

One liter of long arm can directly reach more than 20 floors of rescue

DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck is developed by Shenyang Jietong Fire Truck Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenyang Jietong"), a subsidiary of CIMC-Tianda, and has been officially launched to the market. 
This move means that CIMC-Tianda has taken a step forward in raising the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of fire trucks and entered the higher-end global fire truck market. This is a step closer to the goal of "building a world champion" for CIMC fire protection business, which is already in a leading position in terms of scale. 
DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck can lift a height of up to 72 meters, which can carry out emergency rescue for high-rise building fires and accidents. According to the calculation of about 3 meters per floor, the lift truck can reach the height of more than 20 floors and rescue trapped people through windows or roofs. 
With the rapid development of Chinese cities, the number of high-rise and supertall buildings has surged, which has also brought more and more challenges to the rescue of high-rise buildings in cities. Urban rescue equipment for high-rise and super high-rise buildings has always been a scarce product in China's urban firefighting equipment, and it is also a research and development problem for many enterprises. After the launch of this product of Shenyang Jitong, it will well meet the needs of many cities in China and even the world for this type of rescue equipment.

The front side structure of the car in the form of the upper and lower arm structure can greatly improve the stability of the lifting platform

The raised platform can spray water directly with a "unique secret" to extinguish deep fires

In addition to lifting high to save people, does this car have any other special functions? The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Jitong told us that in addition to climbing high for rescue, this type of fire truck is also equipped with a water spray interface on the lifting platform to spray and extinguish high-rise fires, and also developed CIMC's unique deep fire extinguishing capability. 
He introduced that with the development of high-rise buildings, some initial fires occur inside the building, and it is difficult to accurately reach the fire site by spraying foam or water flow outside the building, and the fire extinguishing effect is not good, and even leads to the expansion of the fire after delay. The fire hydrant on the floor requires rescuers to climb to the vicinity of the burning floor to open the use (the elevator is generally disabled after a fire), which seriously affects the rescue progress, and climbing the building that has caught fire is also very dangerous for firefighters. 
Shenyang Jietong's DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck is also equipped with a spout and water pipe interface on the 72-meter-high lifting platform, firefighters can directly rise with the lifting platform to the vicinity of the burning floor, connect the interface with the water pipe they carry, enter the window from the lifting platform, find the fire point inside the floor, and "accurately fight" the fire.

The 72-meter-high platform shakes only 20cm

The 72-meter-high platform shakes only 20cm The super "stability" comes from industry insights

When it comes to lifting cars, an important metric is "stability". Friends who climbed trees as children know that the higher you climb, the bigger the tree shakes, and the same goes for the lifting car. 
According to the above-mentioned person in charge, although the rear folding boom scheme used in some fire lifting vehicles on the market can also be lifted to a certain height, the boom shakes violently and the movement is poor during operation, resulting in difficulty in stably aiming at the target floor and safely transporting firefighters and trapped personnel. 
According to international standards, after lifting the lifting vehicle, the horizontal and vertical shaking of the top platform cannot exceed 50cm. However, some brands of lifting fire trucks shake the top even more than 1 meter after lifting, and the effect of lifting may be limited. 
Shenyang Jietong, as the "originator" of China's lifting vehicle field, based on the underlying logic of high reliability, stability and ease of use necessary for firefighting equipment, innovatively designed and developed a front-side structure in the form of upper and lower arm structures, and the overall center of gravity of the boom is consistently pressed on the luffing cylinder, with good control stability. 
After full lifting, the horizontal shaking of the top platform does not exceed 20cm, about the length of a woman's foot, and the safety and stability are much higher than international standards. 
Imagine a firefighter racing against time with trapped people at an altitude of more than 70 meters, and if faced with a raised platform that shakes too much, the danger can be imagined. The super lifting stability of Shenyang Jietong's DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck makes it show its skills in rescue, and its safety and use efficiency are greatly improved. 
In addition, in the process of water spraying on the working platform, the direction of all the center of gravity of the boom of the forward-leaning structure is exactly opposite to the direction of the recoil force of the boom to draw water, which can offset the recoil force of the water spray of the working platform, maintain the stability of the vehicle, and greatly improve the rescue efficiency and safety.

The tank capacity of the whole vehicle can reach 5 tons, and the continuous rescue ability is strong

Flexible turning, not bulky, large belly, water storage, more rescue, more durable

In addition, the relevant person in charge of Shenyang Jitong introduced that DG72 multi-purpose ascending platform fire truck has good passability and flexibility, the length of the vehicle ≤ 13500 mm, in the same height of the climbing vehicle The vehicle length is the shortest, with a relatively small turning radius, reducing the difficulty of the control of the whole vehicle, can adapt to a variety of urban road conditions and blocks, minimize rescue dead angles, and meet the emergency rescue needs of various working conditions. 
In a word, the car is lifted high but not bulky and flexible! 
At the same time, the tank capacity of the whole vehicle can reach 5 tons, and the "belly volume" is much larger than the tank capacity of the lifting car of the same height, which significantly improves its fire extinguishing ability. After this "big belly" is equipped with water replenishment with a fire hydrant on the ground, it can spray water all the time, which is a "big troll" that can fight well, which will steadily improve the fire fighting and rescue efficiency of urban high-rise buildings.

Such excellent fire trucks, of course, are very sought-after, and they have been targeted by many fire units

Supporting intelligent control system "smart" and reliable

The model also adopts a new generation of operating system - TP-5 intelligent fire truck control system, designed in accordance with EN61508 safety level SIL-2 standard, using dual CPU controller, two-level safety software synchronous computing system architecture. Equipped with dual redundant sensors, dual redundant CAN bus communication, and multi-point redundant operation interface. Fault diagnosis and analysis can be carried out in real time to determine the safety of the vehicle. 
At the same time, the system is equipped with video functions such as fire scene monitoring, outrigger monitoring, and driving monitoring; Each subsystem cooperates, and no equipment is required on site for on-site fault diagnosis and system debugging; The unique safety device and control system ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle used in fire fighting and rescue operations. 
Such excellent fire trucks, of course, are very sought-after, and they have been targeted by many fire units. According to reports, DG72 fire lift truck has received the procurement intention of fire rescue departments in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Hebei and other places, and is signing relevant order contracts. 
Over the years, CIMC-Tianda has continued to make efforts in the field of fire fighting equipment, acquiring and integrating many well-known fire equipment enterprises at home and abroad, and expanding its product series and regional coverage. 
At present, CIMC-Tianda has achieved full scene and category coverage of fire trucks, mainly including a full range of product lines such as multi-functional city main battle, municipal special, airport special, industrial special, lifting category, main firefighting equipment and modular fire station. 
The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Jietong said that their next goal is to walk with CIMC and add to CIMC's "world champion" list - CIMC fire fighting equipment.